My project always refreshing when pushing to github

Hi! after following the step on I can’t anymore pushing to github, then I deciding to remove it by rm -rf .git and now pushing to github successfully but the project always refreshing after that. My project name: thunder-java
Thanks in advance! and sorry for bad english.

Hi @SharifPoetra! How are you pushing to GitHub? What do you mean by “always refreshing”? Any more details will help us solve this for you!

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Hi @lyzidiamond! I’m phusing to github by using “Git import and export” button and After the popup “Export successfully” appear, the project is refreshing like when you run refresh on console. Also the memory and disk become overload after that.

Edit: also the commit user is not by the project-name but its another project idk where it come from (see attachment)

Nevermind. I deciding to delete the project and create the new one :’)

Hi @Glitch_Response, I’ve tried to create a new project but the issue steel happen, Please help.
Thanks in advance!