My project does not load

Hello glitch staff and members. I don’t know what is going on recently but my project keeps having errors (such as the one i mentioned yesterday that is now fixed). Today i cannot access my project. It stays for ever at the screen Loading Project Glitch Tip! Securely store app secrets and config in .env

If you need to know the project’s name i’d prefere sending it privately due to past experiences and the fact that this project is growing.

Thanks in advance

My projects are loading perfectly fine.
Perhaps it could be a bug with the new loading - At least I think it is new, it wasn’t there last time I checked the site, and I just use VS Code now.
Try refreshing the page.
If it still wont load, try going over to a different project to see if that will load.

I have tried refreshing the page, changing browser, using cabled and wifi connections, opening it on my phone but it still won’t load. The wierd thing is my other projects do load.

In that case, it could perhaps be a issue with the project. May I take a look at it to see if I can load it? I am just going to need the name of it to do so.

@cori hoshi-ruma-project
This project is having issues loading, whereas every other project, that at least I check, loads perfectly fine. Perhaps take a look?

Another thing i notice, even if of not much importance mabye, is that the project is still running , as in its not like half dead or something

Hey @depressed_chip, I moved you project to another host and that seems to have resolved the current issue. Let us know if you have further issues!

Cheers! :smiley: … . . …:.

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