my project does not want to go online

the project works but it is never online. P.s It’s the same with all projects!

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Have you checked your log? A picture of you output will help diagnose the issue.

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lol no errors or something else the projekt is still pending ;x
maybe this one?

Make sure to disable the bedugger when you’re not using it - I’m assuming that’s where the port number 1988 comes from. Otherwise you want to use port 3000.

debugger is disabled // how to change the port?

It defaults to 3000, so remove any code which sets it to 1988.

Check also that your project has a http server listening on that port as otherwise you’ll get the continuous loading icon.

To change the port you can change it to 3000 like @Gareth said or you can change it to: process.env.PORT