My project editor won't show my project, my project is offline, and won't load on its url

My project is private though, how can I share it with only staff?

how can I share it with only staff?

You can share your project’s name.

Try following this guide. If you can’t access the full-page console either, you can wait for Glitch staff to restore the project from external backups.

Hey @BlackVoidMIke, if your project is private, no one aside from folks you explicitly invite and a few Glitch staff will see your code (in part so we can help with problems like this), so you can safely provide your project name here. However, you’re also welcome to send a message to the @support_staff group or to send an email to with your project details.

We don’t need the project’s “join” invite token to see your project; the project name is sufficient. You should avoid posting project invite tokens publicly for any project, private or not, because that gives anyone who follows them full access to your project and all of its data.