My project got DDOS attacked, help!

Hi @glitch_support

my project got DDOS attacked which wiped out our Sqlite3 DB and when they installed it again, they had enabled SSH- which has spammed the logs with fatal binding errors and has wiped out the project.

It was a self hosted git project made with gogs- a github clone written in Go. It was in a Dev.To article by someone at glitch (Host git on glitch with gogs) which i later remixed and it worked fine until the attack (Spotted by @Techy who is a project member) which wiped out the project.

If it is possible:

  • Can you rewind to the earliest backup you have?
  • check which IP’s sent requests to the project yesterday
  • attempt to reinstate the project in any means possible

Please help as we are trying to provide a service for the glitch community

@random - ProTechCEO

Hi @random - so I restored it to the earliest backup I had which was “2020-02-20T06:03:15.000Z” - hopefully that’s not too late. I don’t have access to info like traffic to individual apps, so I suggest using a cdn and/or analytics service to provide you that info and possible DDOS protection going forward.

Okay, thanks! It should work

Sorry, we have had an issue. Can you rewind back to that point again?

@random at this point, the earliest backup is “2020-02-20T15:24:58.000Z”, would you like me to restore you to that point?

Yes, Please do so @potch. I am the project member.

@Techy I’m performing the restore right now!

Thank you very much for your time Potch!