My Project got suspended due to deleting a 120MB .txt File

I was testing some commands - made a 120MB .txt file, then i moved the file to the uploads directory with Tiny File Manager, then i deleted it with the editor, not with the file manager. the editor showed “Reconnecting…”, then it displayed Unable to load this project. I went to my project link (, and it shows this - “project nicsena-roblox-website suspended: Error while preparing the project. Please contact Glitch Support.”. All this happen by just deleting a 120MB .txt test tile.

Hi @Nicsena, welcome to the Glitch forums!

Even after deleting your large .txt file your project is still taking up too much space. I’ve increased your projects disk allowance for 24 hours to allow you time to get things back under control, but after that time if you’re not back under 200Mb your project will be suspended again.

If you need help determining where the extra space is being consumed, du --max-depth=1 -h . might help you find the problem areas.

Happy Glitching!