My project has been deleted. Emergency aid

All documents were deleted as of last night. I tried to rewind, but checkpoints were deleted. My project that I have been working on for 3 months has been deleted and I cannot get it back.
I want to take it back to 10 pm on 29.04.2020.

Project name : abaft-sort
The ticket ID for your support request is #UN00009544.

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I will ping @glitch_support

@glitch_support Please, be focus here as soon as possible.

There is no point in mentioning them again they have received the message and they will be on hand as soon as possible :wink:

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I suggest you try emailing them at

We are still waiting for more than one day. We wouldn’t say anything about it again and again, If it was not a emergency situation.

We already did that so much times @khalby786

Hmmm…they haven’t responded lately to any emails, might be their office times due to the current situtation. Did you have any backups by any chance?

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They just asked us our project name, that’s all. They didn’t figure any solution out.

Let’s hope they respond here soon!

Hello @yusuf-i ,

We followed up with you yesterday and will continue to help you via your support request. If you have additional details to share about your issue, please include them in your email response.