My project has run out of storage, please help

My project (poop-bot) has run out of storage, what can I do. I hear that I can have the storage limit increased.

It even shows the error when I have deleted my node_modules folder and not reinstalled the modules

Your project appears to be private, so I can’t tell why that’s happening, but node_modules is usually the culprit so that is unusual.

You can try and free up space in your project. git gc and git prune can help reclaim some space, and if you are not concerned about losing your git history, you can remove the .git directory using rm -rf .git. All from the console, available under advanced options from the top-left project info menu in the editor.

thank you, rm -rf .git worked, it is no longer saying no space left but it may come back at some point

is it possible to give a single person access to my project (not throught the link)?

You can share the project join link privately. Or you can add them, or they can request to be added, when you’re both viewing the Glitch project in the editor - click on their avatar and you’ll have the option to add/remove the user from the project.

my project is now public, can you check if there are any problems still (i will make it private again afterwards)

Looks good! Your modules will no longer be a space issue. You could consider adding some of your JSON data files to a .gitignore file to stop them bloating your git directory.

ok thank you, i didn’t know how to fix the problem, so should I just use rm -rf .git every so often?

You can do that, or add the files to the .gitignore like I suggested above, see an example at

when i used .gitignore, the json files became inaccessible using require("file.json");