My project is connecting but not online always

Hi, I’m new to this community …
I have a simple query because my bot does not stay online when I’m away, but if I’m going to look at my project … someone would tell me what moderator is going to help me.

project’s name bead-gate

Hello @intoroddex,

Glitch projects will all asleep after 5 minutes of inactivity in the editor, or on the html site (, You will have to set something like Uptime Robot to keep your project online. Simply signup to the site, add a new site to it, have the interval be 5 minutes, and the link be the link provided in brackets above, then hit save, and you should be all set, once you have done that, show me the configuration you have set on the uptime robot site.

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I don’t understand, I only know the basics of programming, I learn by trial and error

If you dont do anything in the editor or in the site itself, it will fell asleep (shutdown) until you enter it again. As callumsaid, the best way to keep it online is using uptime robot like i do for my discord bot.

Hi @Callum-OKane its is my configuration , but no works

You need a webserver with a route configured to respond to the http request at the URL specified in your UptimeRobot config. Currently the route specified in your project isn’t being used, so there’s nothing to respond to the http request and it times out. Fixing that will fix your sleep issue.

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