My project is down and I don't know what to do

All of a sudden, my project won’t load. The editor loads very slowly, and the only thing in my console is a lot of ’ Your app is taking a while to stop…’ messages, as well as sporadic messages that make me think my app is up - and its not. I’ve contacted support, but they haven’t responded and I have a feeling they wont’ until tomorrow. This was out of my control, and there is nothing I can do. Its disappointing that glitch doesn’t have 24 hour support, since it seems my project always breaks towards the end of the day when they don’t reply. I use glitch to run a production app & I’m going to have to switch if there continues to have an insufficient amount of support - especially because there has been, from my end, a lot of downtime & issues recently.
Glitch, please, get 24 hour support.

Now I’m seeing that there won’t even be support open tomorrow… which means I’ll have to wait until Wednesday to get it fixed.


Then let’s get @glitch_support to get it fixed before :slight_smile:

It’s not 6:00

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It’s working now… What’s upsetting is that I don’t know what went wrong, and I don’t know what was fixed…

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My project’s editor is extremely slow… Won’t load files correctly/fast at all. I’d guess this is related to the problems I was having the other day.
And I still haven’t got emailed back from support.

Can you please show us the file tree, just to be safe?

Also, it’s Election day, so no support.

It’s working now… I’m not trying to ‘pick at every little thing’ but my experience is really unstable. As for the file tree, I was simply adding another JSON file to my base directory, which has many others.

Now my project is loading extremely slowly…

:cold_sweat: how many errors are you experiencing???

One question to you, How many files at your Project?

If your project has alot of Files, Your project editor will loads Extreme Slow!!!

But hey, There’s have a Trick. Use GNU nano at your Terminal.

A: How to do it? My project editor isn’t loaded :"(
B: Here, Go to . Then, Replace your-project-name as your Project name.

Then, Execute ls to see All File list.

Execute nano <filename> for editing project through Terminal. If you want to create a new file inside Terminal, Execute nano <non-exist filename>.

Let me know if this solve your issue.

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Yeah if you had nano it’s really fast but no linting, only highlighting.