My project is going down every time

So , my project named as pikachu is going down every time i am using updownrobot too can any staff take a look at my project?

Since your project is private, DM me a join link so we can view the code. Thanks.

I sent you a link
Please check it. Thanks

I couldn’t reproduce the issue of the project going down whenever the URL was hit, but your route was in the wrong place in the code - you want to define your listener after the routes. I’ve made that change, so hopefully that will help. Hitting in uptimerobot should work ok.

My project is going down every time still now :frowning: , i have to restart it every time idk why ?

Every time you do what? Hitting the end-point works fine for me. Are you using in uptimerobot. If you can tell me the steps to reproduce and any errors you’re seeing in the logs, I’ll take another look.