My Project is loading infinitly

My project is loading infinitly and i can’t access to the editor of my project
Project Name : shuna-project

Hi @Tsumiki_GFX,

I am sorry that your project was stuck loading. We had some downtime that may have caused this issue. I just checked and was able to load your project now.

If you still cannot get it to load, please reply and we will do our best to help you!

I have the same issue with ~ramboll

@tasha hi, i have the same problem with rotbot-sniper, can you check it please?

Having the same issue with floppy-lines!

And also project-grid <-- update: this seems to sporadically be available

Thanks for the reports all! Our team is working on a fix. Please stay tuned.

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Just an update… projects should be loading now. If you experience otherwise, let us know!

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My projects are all loading – thank you!