My Project Is Off

My project has been suspended and I no longer have access to sign in

my project :

Hey @bodyasdasd555, welcome to the Glitch Support forum! I just took a look at the linked project, and it was online and working. Are you able to sign in?

My project is already working but I can’t edit it
I wait for about 4 stings and Hua on the same picture that is in front of you
Many restart and the same problem was settled
And experimented extension Visual Codes

Is it aright if I take a look at your project to see what’s going on?

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Well you can see what happens

My project has this error too Click me.

Sorry you’re having trouble with your project- I’ve reported the issue to our team and we’re looking into what’s going on. I will let you know here when the issue is resolved or if there’s any action needed.

@bodyasdasd555 would it be alright if a member of our team takes a look at your project’s code to see if they can find any issues? Your project will remain private while this is happening.

Can you settle the retrieval of my project right

I’m trying to find the issue with your project and would like another glitch employee to help out. May I have your permission for us to view your private project to find the issue?

From the unofficial faq.

Your project is constantly “loading” because it doesn’t have an HTTP server set up to host your app, code, website, bot, so on. One way to create an HTTP server is to use Express in your main file (index.js, server.js, or main.js). Tutorial on creating a make-do web server using Express.

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