My project is offline even if says project hosting is operational

I have a few uptime alerts going against an API I built using glitch. I have alerts going against the upstream services as well as the glitch app. When the glitch app goes down, I can check the status page easily to see if it’s glitch itself or the upstream service. In the past few days, including off and on for the past 4 hours, I’ve had many service down notifications without any problems showing up on I’ve also added alerting to the upstream service and am seeing that it’s been totally fine in these past 4 hours.

I know there could be something wrong with my code, but I’ve had this glitch app for years now and barely made any changes in that time. Definitely no changes today.

The upstream service has gone down before, and that’s fine and my alerting is taking care of that just fine.

Should I be looking at to see if this is a possibility? Is there a different source of truth for project outages?

Thank you for your help! I really love your product and enjoy using it.

Hi @johnkpaul, welcome to the Glitch forum and thanks for the very kind words!

We have had some instability in the recent past, as you’ve no doubt noted from the status page, but nothing’s going on right now that we’re aware of. If you care to share your project name we can take a closer look.

Sorry for the bother!

leaf-crest is the name of the project.