My Project is saying not enough storage

I think this may have been caused by the outage earlier. I don’t understand it. It fires errors saying that there is no space left. i can’t install my modules. I can’t do anything its just popping off errors please help. @glitch_support @staff
project name: trissieschillserver

Disregard this post as it has apparently fixed itself

New reply for the ticket #PRO00000636

Hi Trissie,

Thanks for contacting us!

While you are not exceeding the disk space limit, I wonder if you are getting close to the 1GB limit for node modules. When this happens, it can jam your project up.

A recent change to your package.json file may have caused this. Before doing anything else with your project, please review recent additions and remove ones that might be large before updating the glitch.json file and then running a refresh or enable-pnpm.

If you need additional help, let us know!

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