My project is stuck because its using too much ram?


I used ‘refresh’ in the console today and ever since that my project is stuck on using 1400MB of ram.
The console still works and everything I try to run through that works, but everything in the editor is stuck.

I don’t run any file on startup except 1 dotnet application that isn’t even running (because the application is stopped)
I started it through the console and everything works fine. It only uses 110MB of RAM on average.

How can I fix it? how can I restart my project or do anything to make it go back to normal?

Edit: It fixed itself after 3 hours


Hi @shaked6540! Glad to hear it resolved itself. If it pops up again can you share your project url with us and we can take a look? If you’d prefer to keep it private you can send it to us privately at


Heya @shaked6540,

I had the same issue, but once I had run enable-pnpm in the console, after I did that my Glitch project worked again.

Maybe you should try it :wink: