My project is stuck on “Starting...”

I’ve been using glitch for awhile now to host my Discord Bot and today I decided to split the main “bot.js” file into events folders and After getting all the dependencies right and after getting the logger and function.js files running my bot just frove on “starting…” forever! It’s been a few hours it seems now and I can’t seem to fix it… I read other forums and couldn’t seem to figure it out!

@MonkleeGamer I hope that i will be able to assist you if i can…

Can you provide more details to your problem like where its stuck for i mean is irt at the level of glitch server or your bot itself?

That will help me and the community at large to help you too.


I’d like to think it’s a coding problem but I don’t know… a lot of the forums I read show it being a coding problem

Welcome to Glitch!

I just checked your project’s site and it’s returned with a OK and status code 304.

Are the errors continuing or are they resolved now?

I think I figured the problem out. I talked around and figure do out I had an error with my idiotic API Key. So I’m getting that fixed. We’ll see if that works

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Did it work?
I am getting a 304 error using Phaser 3 so I would really like to know how the problem was solved in this case.