My Project is suspended

I need some info all my Project is suspended

Please email

Hi almobtadi,

I’m sorry to hear that they have suspended your Glitch project.

Sometimes Glitch suspends projects because they are breaking the Glitch ToS or the Memory, Disk, CPU is higher than Glitch can offer for the Free plan.

Be sure that next time, you meet the following requirements:

  1. Don’t overrate the Memory space of 512MB
  2. Don’t overrate the Disk space of 199MB
  3. Don’t overrate the CPU of 99%

If you keep your project below those what I mentioned, you’ll be all fine. For now I suggest you send an email to with your project name and tell them it got suspended.

Hope this helped you a bit :smiley:

If all of your projects have been suspended, it is likely that you have too many projects that are always online, Glitch will suspend your projects if so.

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