My project stopped to Loading

In my project Ensano The project page stopped at Loading


Hey @japped, I’ll ping @glitch_support!

Hi @japped

I’m sorry you’re experiencing problems with your project.

It has more files in it than the Glitch editor can handle at the moment. The team is working on optimising it so it would be able to handle very large projects like yours in the future :slight_smile:

Besides the issue of the number of files, the project you’re trying to run isn’t compatible with Glitch, unfortunately. It has a dependency on Docker which isn’t available to you in your project.


So i cant open my project to many months???

You might want to try using an alternate host as this seems to big for glitch. Maybe Heroku could work or locally on your computer.

@mads please can you download my project to file and send me it to discord (Jappe#2702)?? Or fix that bug?

Hi @japped,

If you email they can help you out!


ok. Thank you :smile: