My Project Stuck In Loading Area

I have my project name septemberbot
this project I used to create a discord bot now I try to edit it but i stuck in “loading project”
please help

Hi, I have the same problem, if you can solve, let me know how

Hey @Nexus072 @iOsamahMukhtar,

If the errors still persist, I’ll invite @Glitch_Response to take a look at this.

hi @Nexus072 - if your project is still doing this, let me know the name of the project and i can take a look! it seems like the one mentioned by the original poster above is working again.

Im having the same issue. my project is called tin-star-mandible
Pls help

are there any errors? @Savage-O-Press

Can you try in an incognito window? If that fails, you should report this to