My project stuck on loading

Hello. I was trying to access my bot!/bot-4l but it keeps loading forever. And yes. I already saw the other similar posts and I know it may be low disk space. But I can’t understand how the hell the bot filled up the disk space so fast, and I can’t believe it is that what’s causing the problem.

Someone of the staff could help me please?

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Hi there @TheBigerGamer - I just went to your project and it appears to be running and with a low percentage of disk space usage. Can you let me know if you did anything to fix it or did it fix itself (this way I can investigate the cause).

I had the help of the support team that gave me temp disk space to use git gc and git prune, and I solved the problem. Btw, the db file is being ignored by the file .gitignore.

Ok cool. For security reasons, I highly recommend you keep db files in the .data folder - which keeps it from being included in remixes!

Uhm… don’t know how to do it. And I can’t do it :confused:~
It fixed itself. O_o or was it you @jenn? Anyway, thank you. But how do I move the db to the .data folder?

It may have fixed itself during a routine project restart!

As for moving the db to .data - upon a very quick glance of your app it appears your project uses a sqlite file, so i’d try the following:

  1. remove that file from gitignore and export the project to back it up locally (just in case, but very important to do this!)
  2. in the console move it into the .data folder ( mv your-db-file .data/your-db-file )
  3. wherever in your app that json.sqlite db is initialized and connected to, is connecting to, set the location of the file to be .data/json.sqlite

Btw, the `.data folder count for the project disk usage? Because my db was the thing that was taking all the space…

Yes, the .data contents still count towards disk usage.