My project suspend

Yes @RiversideRocks, that’s what I said. i think there might be something hidden in the project

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Oh sorry! I didn’t see you had written that. It could be a mistake. I would help if we could see the code.

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Yeah, All my projects and my friends projects were suspended. We only made moderation bots… Weird.

Were they using UptimeRobot or a similar pinging service ?

I always thought that you wouldn’t be suspended if you used services like that, but maybe I’m wrong.

Well, my friend’s project(discord bot) was blocked when you put express-glitch-keepalive there, so it’ll probably be because of this.

My projects were also banned because of this. Hope they return our files and next time the suspension system we should be able to download/view our files and cant run it that would be better instead of waiting and keeping the discord bot down for x amount of days until they reply.

In the end, its Glitch’s service, they could simply say “sorry” to retrieving your code cause your broke there ToS and they don’t have to give you back your code.

So having to wait a few days to get back your code, in my opinion, is not that bad.