My project was stolen by someone

Hello, An account named Anonymous copied my projects. My projects locked but he is remixed my project. These projects are now open to the public and very valuable to me. It is very sad for me to be seen by others as I have been working for years. How can I remove my own projects in this account?

Find the projects that where stolen and report them to Glitch support. You can also contact

You can also click on the button that says Report Abuse in the project page.

I finded and i sended glitch support mail in this my problem.

After how many hours will these projects be deleted on the Report abuse button?

Edit: And what should I say for it to be erased :c

Hello! I recommend contacting with the project names that were stolen.

If they are called ‘anonymous’ with a default profile pic- then they are a guest user and projects are deleted in 5 days.

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