My project was suspended for reaching max space

Apparently it reached it’s limit and got automatically suspended. Can I please get access to it again so I can remove unnecessary packages so it can remove unwanted space? Also, I’d suggest allowing people a time limit of like 5 minutes to remove/clear space before it becomes suspended.!/casb

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  1. welcome to the glitch support forums!
  2. sorry for the late reply
  3. i am pretty sure that doing timed suspension would be impossible, because it would check once, and in five minutes, even if memory is lowered, it would still be suspended…

i would suggest messaging an admin/email glitch directly to fix this

@xFlqx @J-Tech-Foundation,

Just ping @Glitch_Response about this, so that they may remove your project suspension.

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Hi @xFlqx!

Thanks for reaching out! I have given your project extra space for the next 24 hours and unsuspended it. This should give you the time you need to remove the unnecessary packages.

If your project gets suspended again while doing this, let us know!