My project won't load

My project, won’t load the editor but will load the website and full-page console
It will just be on an infinite load screen

If this helps, the only project of mine it is occurring on is lightning-programming-language

Thanks for addressing this issue. I will ping a staff team @glitch_support to help you. Also for more info check for updates if this may be an outage. :smile:

I think I may have found the issue here it seems to have revived though, Please don’t hesitate to let us know here if there is anymore issues

hi there @youngchief - sorry that you ran into this. the project should load correctly for you now. if not, email with the project name again so we can investigate further!

Now, every project will take awhile to load, even if the container status is fine

I Think glitch may be having a issue with project contiainers. Please check for status updates.

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Yep, saw that there is also a big thread rn on it