My projects are not loading and slow

My projects are not opening in glitch and my opened projects slow down my bot. Please help

Api ping
Bot ping

Yeah, also having this.
Was about to use my webglitch generator and then it just stopped.

I guess one needs to get used to this these days.

Hey my projects arent loading as well

@blubbll @geraldombuthia @emirkilavq are your projects still not loading?

Well, it’s definitely back. Not sure if my ip was tempbanned because i loaded my own project idk.
It worked after opening it on a device with another ip and then on the other device again too.

the project is loading but slow and it affects my discord bot my bot has 50k ping

Yeah, I get it too (on all my projects).
Screenshot_2020-07-03 Glitch
A new incident after a week comes here.

did you try accessing the projects url from another ip yet?

uuh, you mean from another device?

try resetting your router if youre on a dynamic ip plan.
or on a mobile phone with cellular data maybe.
i think opening my project on another ip helped it get available again.
or it was just coincidence and some of the server hicups went away then

…looks fixed already.

yeah mines stuck also

Same here, I can’t load a project.