My projects are not loading anything pls help

read the topic pls read

Glitch is having some issues.

i dont want more issue i have so much supports for my bot its 300

During the outage you can always self host on your computer or just wait it out.

@killerpro1234 kindly wait and please stop posting inappropriate and irrelevant replies.


Look, you have to understand that services cannot work at times. Thats just the internet.

Being patient will help you in life.


it is not helping i am waiting for 10 months but now i cant take ryzen 9 3900x 12

What? Have your projects not been working for 10 months?

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Yes, it has only been about 3 months since this downtime started.

no i can host but somebody sad me in 10 months i will give you ryzen 9 3900x 12 i am patient now it is not in my hands (my uncle)

What??? Please be more specific on what your problem is.

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You can always self-host on your own PC for free if you want to avoid downtime.

i cant host i dont now why in my pc

Can you please explain what your issue is?

for 3 hours its like this ı

Would you mind translating that to English? Sorry, I can’t read that :smile:

+command is loaded: support.

it is not loading dor 3 hours

Again, I think that this is because of the Glitch downtime, it should be over soon.

After the downtime, your bot should be working.

ok do you have a dc for glitch help