My projects get error. Please fix

My projects keep on getting this error how to fix?

@Glitch_Response @glitch_support So is this a Glitch issue?

Hi @anon6347983, can you tell us the name of the project where this is happening?

I’m just asking on how to fix? Like what does that error mean? Because I code everything properly.

It’s about package.json missing a start script… I think, can you show us what does your package.json looks like?

What needs to be in a start script?

Hi Dabbit!

What’s happening is that Glitch is trying to use the value of the “start” key inside the value of the “scripts” key in “package.json” to start your project, and can’t find any such key.

A minimal package.json might look like this:

{ "scripts": { "start": "node server.js" } }

But of course you can name your start script bot.js or index.js or whatever you want to name it, you don’t have to call it server.js. This command line is how Glitch starts your app if you have a package.json file.

You probably have dependencies though? You can keep them, and add a scripts start command line to your package.json.

Look at for more information!

Hope this helps,


Hm, I have also been getting that error even though I have a start script.