My projects wont work

i try to go but instead im waiting for a long time

one, what is that g tab? google plus?
and two what is your glitch.json

Please do not ask people about the tabs they have open, that could be private information.

I didn’t write that comment

Sorry, I had mentioned the wrong person, my apologies.

i know, just the favicon seems so familiar

Do you have anything that is actually making the webpage load, something like express, or an index.html file that would be auto detected and you could have that auto redirect to your php files, I do not know if glitch automatically load index.php files like they do with index.html files but I will check that.

Hey @Aidan_Brown it looks to me like you’ve got this working; are you still running into problems?

@Callum-OKane whether index.php runs automagically could depend on the active Apache configuration, but the basic LAMP poc project that many folks Remix to use PHP on Glitch is configured so it should run (and it appears to be doing so here).

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