My Site members were unable to login to my site

I have an iframe site on glitch, My visitors were unable to sign in using chrome. When they sign in. its always showing the sign-in button again. please can some provide solution to this?

I am just going to give you a few heads up, not sure that these will solve the problem:

  • is not force encrypted. That is very bad when you are trying to log in.

  • I see you are Iframing a wix site, I am not sure what the content policy set there is, but Iframing a full website is never really a great idea and that may be causing some issues.

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It does not have JavaScript/an A tag to change the link.

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I do not want to be rude but is that site really hosted on Glitch? I see Wix widgets being used there.

Oops! You stole my words! Anyway, both of the sites linked in the original post seem to be made with Wix.

Please… It’s just use for a test… The site was made for a client to test run how it will looks like when he finally pay for WIX plan. No insult please

No, its fine! I’m just wondering if Wix has code on the site that may have a different CORS policy that may not let it work. Also, things tend to go wrong in Iframes unfortunetly.

I am not trying to!

Actually it was working. It just stopped recently. And can you please identify where the iframe problem is?

I will be showing clients the one that has wix ads because it working with the ads on it.

Some browsers also works with the iframe only Google Chrome that stopped recently.

Can I host wix site in glitch?

Wix sites cannot be hosted on a third-party platform. The closest you can get is iframing which is not recommended.