My subdomain is already registered for glitch


Hello, I’ve made a mistake deleting my CNAME record in cloudflare, apparently when i redo the process it says the domain is already registered for glitch, Project name: davindraa


Hi @Davindra that project does have several custom domains registered for it in Glitch. I can remove whichevers ones you’d like - just let me know which of them you’d like to have disconnected.


Please remove them all


Ok, those are removed. Let us know if you need anything else!

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Sorry for the bump

Can you also delete this domain
Project Name: test-uploader


Hey @Davindra this is associated with a different project. Would you like me to remove it from there?


Yes remove the domain in: test-uploader

Thank you.


Ok, I’ve removed that project’s custom domain.

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I’m very sorry for the bump again,
the domain is in: awake-ptarmigan
can you also delete this one? Thank you so much.


No worries, @Davindra, I’ve removed that domain.

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