My suggestions to improve the tool

Hi guys,

First full, I’d like to tell you that I really like Glitch and the idea behind it. I’m really looking for it to replace Visual Studio Code and Heroku.
Nevertheless, there’s still missing some very useful points in my opinion to make it unbeatable. Here is my exhaustive list :

  • option + G in macos doesn’t do an @ in the editor.
  • Shift + option + :arrow_down: doesn’t duplicate the line under
  • Shift + option + :arrow_up: doesn’t duplicate the line above
  • Emmet abbreviations doesn’t work
  • Open the code visualisation in an other window (with the live reload)
  • Auto rename HTML tag

Hope to see those improvements soon in the tool :wink:

Have a nice day!

Hi @sebastien.martin - thanks for the kind words and welcome to the community! We appreciate the feedback and I’ll make sure the team knows that these shortcuts would really help - we know several other folks are interested in things like Emmet support as well.


If I recall correctly, Glitch used to have Emmet support but then it was disabled because it made the editor really slow.

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