My Thoughts on Glitch's New Paid Plan 💸

Hi everyone! Not sure if this is where I should share this, but I wanted to get everyone else’s feedback on Glitch’s new paid plan (

I gave some extensive feedback on my Medium blog. I’d like for maybe @glitch_support or @staff to read this. And of course, everyone else can read it also. Below, I’ve provided what Medium calls a “Friend’s Link” so you can read the article free of charge! :+1:

Click here for the link to my Medium article.

DISCLAIMER: This is of course, just my opinion, you don’t have to agree or disagree with my article, but I do hope you find it informational.

EDIT: If you want to give a response on my article, please do it directly from Medium! At the end of every article, there is a way to reply to it. This way I can read everyone’s reply since I’m not on the forms everyday. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think this is pretty cheap for a big website but the right price. At least we don’t have to pay 8 dollars a seccond. XD

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I read the article and I think it make a lot of good points. I agree that the disk space should be upped because it would be great to store more images and content along the lines of that on the project instead of the CDN.

I think Glitch needs another tier. You can pay a little bit less but you get to customize the loading screen. (In other words, replace the “Glitch is waking up” screen with something else.

The paid plan seems good so far other than that!

I just signed up for the paid plan thinking that it would unlock custom domains, but you still need to be thanked two times for enable that feature… seems a bit odd to me!

They should remove that.

Paid plan is new, still got stuff to work out, I’ll thank ya.

I think the requirement with the custom domains is so scammers can’t just instantly sign up for glitch and make a scam site in like 10 minutes.

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Is there 2GB for assets as well, or is the 2 GB for all the files and the assets?

Thanks my friend! Yeah, I didn’t say it directly but Glitch definitely needs some type of tier system.

I’m wondering about that too. I feel like the Pricing page was sort of “vague” with what you get.

I love the custom domain system! Instead of paying, you’re required to get “thanks”, or in other words: becoming a trusted user by helping other people. You can’t just pay your way to using them.

Yeah, it’s brand new so they’re probably still working some things out. :smiley:

tbh $8/month for an always-on server is about the same price as everywhere else; however glitch gives fewer resources, but more 1-click working starter templates, compared to traditional VM of VM-hosted app runners; however i can’t seem to find sudo yet anywhere, which greatly limits the ability of your code

obv for security they should containerize in some way, such as mkdir-ing a new folder with your ssh or https ( 1-way public-private handshake that lasts for a certain amount of time ) credentials for you on their existing machine

however no sudo mode ( am i correct? ) for any apps ( you can obv containerize ubuntu; eg; the same way you containerize the existing sample 1-click containers for “glitch developers” in London )

This is because multiple projects are running on the same VM

Glitch runs our projects in contains already, the image just doesn’t include the sudo command.

why not add it then?
I see it as safe.

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They have an approval process to go through which glitch can’t handle in it’s current userbase