My vision for Glitch

-better ddos protection via collab with Cloudflare rather than limiting project’s requests to 4000/h
-shorten to something like, this will feel like a real domain for our projects
-collab with Brave Software so there will be more money for Glitch team to sustain servers


This techincal restriction was kept in place to prevent people from spamming and pinging the servers, also for the health of other projects.

For this, you could use custom domains.

Yeah, with Brave you can “earn rewards for opting into their privacy-opting ads”, but is there really a need for that???(but that’s an idea!)

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-even something simple as can DDoS your glitch site. It would be nice if this Too many requests web page(which happens in case of DDoS and 4000/h) will refer you to project’s site
-but I have to pay for custom domain. There is freenom but they have negative reuptation will finally earn some income


From what we’ve been told: once Glitch is ready, they will be looking into a paid plan.


This doesn’t mean that they cannot earn money this way too

ads are a no no.

that is for sure, glitch will never force ads on us, nor ever implement them


Maybe who knows /shrug

if glitch was still hyperdev, jenn could have gotten the domain, for fun


This is a good vision, you have my vote!