My website, for my discord bot

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Is this a link to the code you would like reviewed? I didn’t see it.

yes i want help improving this

But where is the code? I see a link to join the server.

When you wrote “I need some help improving this” did you mean you needed people to join your server and install your bot? Or did you have some coding issues you needed help with?

The link is to a static web site that advertises your bot. I don’t get what you are asking for.

Are asking for help on the website? bot itself? ads? or what are you referring to?

Yes. Please describe more!

(hi Chief)

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I just need help improving the website. How do i make it look better?

i need help understanding how a bot named “MemeBot” is not related to memes in any way at all
also The Gallery is not a suitable category for this topic, please change it.

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Maybe post it on the glitch discord server or other places. This is just for showing off projects, because I think its looks :ok:



@LankyBox01 I do have to agree with Khalby. If you want help, maybe you could make a #coding-help for asking for people to help with your project or something, I don’t know :man_shrugging:


Agreed, a #coding-help with the specific doubt would be appreciated.

lot of good things about this already. would a suggestion help? Accessibility Inspector - Firefox Developer Tools | MDN go through and adjust some colors to improve text contrast.

as a regular, can’t you just change it yourself? I was a regular before :smiley:

Well, I can, but based on the current situation of this thread, I don’t think I will change the category because OP does not seem to mention what kind of help he wants with his code, other than vaguely mentioning it needs help to be improved. Plus, the original post is a flagged post now. If OP needs help with his code or needs reviewing of something specific, he can open a new thread with more details in a different category (most likely #coding-help).

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Ok i made this in #the-gallery bc i want to showcase my website

it was made for memes.

MemeBot is a Multi-Purpose Discord Bot, mainly focused on economy