My website keeps randomly going offline and not loading at random times

the project is called stealer-x

and yes I am using uptime robot

I find uptime robot to be unreliable. Maybe try a different service for uptime an analytics?

It can be some code in your project that might be causing the faulty Uptime Robot problems, but in case you’re wondering for alternatives for Uptime Robot, here are some that we use:

  • Freshping, a pinging service that monitors your website every 1 minute, instead of Uptime Robot’s 5 minutes

  • Awake, a project made here on Glitch by @charliea21 that keeps your website online by also pinging every 1 minute.

Also, a good alternative would be WebSitePulse. Some of the advantages are its transaction monitoring and custom scrips, 24/7 live customer support, you pay what you use (not prepaid plans), and a free plan available after the 30 days full-service trial.