My website won't open

Hey @kutayyksl! Do you have a server.js file? If you could share it, I could take a look!

Hi @kutayyksl I’m not seeing the same result when accessing the url you pointed to, so hopefully you’ve sorted your problem out. Please let us know if you’re still encountering difficulties.

again… @cori

Hey @kutayyksl I’m still able to show your project’s homepage both at and exactly as I’d expect, so I’m not sure why you’re seeing something different.

One this I noticed is that you have multipl Express route methods handling app.get('/',...) at!/jeascernabot?path=modüller/panel.js:97:0:

  app.get("/", (req, res) => {
    yukle(res, req, "anasayfa.ejs")
   app.get("/", (req, res) => {
    yukle(res, req, "deneme.ejs")

which isn’t a great way to do things in Express; typically I’d expect that the first of these would be the one that would run, and that file looks like the one that I’m seeing, but I also note that the second of these points to a file that doesn’t exist in your project - if that were the handler that executed under some circumstances then I’d expect a 404 when Express couldn’t find the file you wanted it to render. Possibly removing the second of these route handlers might clear up any inconsistencies!

Not fixed @cori

@kutayyksl I was for sure this was fixed. Can you tell me what country you are in or just say you are not in the US just say so.

Could be a DNS problem. Are you able to access any other sites?

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hi @kutayyksl - are you able to see the site now? i just checked and it’s loading well for me.

I was wondering the same thing – it could be like the Italy DNS issue