My website's CSS still messed up after the Outage

Whenever I refresh my website, the CSS gets somehow messed up.
This is also happening to my project’s console.

Project Name: peeky

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Is your site meant to look like this?

If so then you may need to clear your browser cache.

Usually messes up when I refresh the page multiple times, but I will try to clear the cache.


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Nothing at all has changed.
Website is still messed up on my phone.

Ah, it could be the way your CSS is written. It works fine on my PC & my iPhone 6.

This is the result on my phone:

I was looking at the console and I get this error when the CSS messes up

Strange, the only error I get is about mixed-content.


Oh, and for some reason your server.js file is exposed to everyone…



I get the error abotu mixed-content too, but when refreshing multiple times, the error can pop up

I managed to reproduce the error. It could be because your project is receiving too many requests. Otherwise, it may be a browser part.

EDIT: It’s something to do with your project because I managed to reproduce this error on another browser.

Oh that could be that, thanks I’ll look into it for now

UPDATE: I just remixed the project and it seems to work for now.

Alright! It may be an issue with too many requests.

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