My welcome message stop work

2 days my command not work no error

bot.on(“guildMemberAdd”, member => {
const channel = member.guild.channels.cache.find(
ch => === “755494710113599498”
if (!channel) return;
let joinEmbed = new Discord.MessageEmbed()
.setTitle(“Member Joined”)
.setFooter(Dev: DryZex )
**${member}** ברוך הבא לשרת שלנו!\nמקווים שתהנה.\nעכשיו אנחנו **${member.guild.memberCount}** משתמשים בשרת

Discord has recently made updates to their gateway. It looks like your bot is being affected by it. I recommend you to read their update FAQ. Also, I have moved this to #discord-help.


I read there and still did not fully understand it

What did you not understand? Is your bot verified?

No my bot not verified by discord

Try to update your discord library / npm module to verison 12
How to remove discord.js : go into your node_modules file with powershell and type : npm uninstall discord.js --save-dev
Install discord.js V12 : npm i discord.js

And then update all of your code into Version 12, if you need help :

Well, then just go to Discord Developer portal, click on your bot’s name under My Applications, under Settings, click Bot, scroll down to the Privileged Gateway Intents section, check if Presence Intent and Sever Members Intent are checked or not. If they are not, check them. If your bot has reached 100 servers then you will need to wait for Discord to a) verify your bot and b) later whitelist it.

I try not work…

why won’t you fetch the channel

maybe that’s the problem

Not that I understood you there is a situation someone just maybe helps me sort out the command or something?