MYSQL Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

I just created a mysql project and I get an error like this:
project name: mysql-server
thanks for all the help!


The mysql node package is trying to connect to a locally served instance of MySQL on port 3000. I’m guessing you haven’t got one of these, as the installation would be a real pain on Glitch.

Can you outline what you want the project to do? Then we can guide you to a better way to do it. :slight_smile:

Thx for help!

I am trying to create a database server that I can connect with another project
I will create a web page and manage the data with this project and I will access this database with another project so that I can use the same data in multiple projects


Most of the big databases communicate with a protocol that doesn’t get through Glitch’s proxy (project container).

Your options are:

  • Choose somewhere else to host the database, that is setup for external connections. A free example is MongoDB’s Atlas.
  • Host a database in a glitch project and have the project expose an API for other projects to access it. This works best with the smaller footprint databases such as lowdb, nedb, SQLite.

Good luck!