MYSQL error when connecting


So I am connection to MYSQL on SiteGround server. I need to whitelist the IP that the request is coming from to connect to the database. I took the IP address of Glitch dot com and put that in the whitelist - didn’t work.

So I looked in the log for the error and it’s giving me an IP address from AmazonWS - plus what i am finding is the IP changes every so often - so it not always the same - that is an issue with a project here that needs to connect to the database. Here is the error message:

Error: ER_ACCESS_DENIED_ERROR: Access denied for user ‘cubvox61’@‘’ (using password: YES)

As you can see the IP is 34-239-137-159 leading with ec2- always. If I white list the 34-239-137-159 all works until the IP changes again. Arg…

So how can I stop the IP from changing? Why is that happening?

Is there some way I can get all the combos of ips that might come in? I just need the first 2 digits - like the 34 above then I can whitelist 34.%



I found some threads that may give some info on your issue:

Hope these might have helped a bit. Maybe you can whitelist the load balancers but I don’t know for sure. Good luck!


There is no way for any of the glitch project to stop changing its IP.

It remains the same for some interval of time, but changes again, and after having talks with the glitch team I was previously confirmed that there is no way to stop this happen.

So glitch can’t help you out with stuffs which do need IP verification.
But if you are active you can do is change the IP related stuffs (But I guess that is not preffered at all)