Named pipes break glitch

if you do

mkfifo fifo

and have the bad luck of opening it in the editor, the ‘watcher’ service will try to fs.readFileSync it, freezing forever.

y’all, make sure it’s gitignore’d if you’re gonna have weird files in your project

recovering from the extraordinarily unlucky case where the fifo is alphabetically first and is thus the default file that the editor opens:

  1. use ctrl+shift+x to open the terminal panel (you can do this even when the editor is stuck loading), open the terminal in a new window
  2. close all editors and tabs of the project’s site
  3. wait for glitch to force shut down the project container, which could take a few minutes
  4. reload the terminal, which causes glitch to start the project container again
  5. you’ll have a few seconds to delete the named pipe if you created it manually, or reconfigure your project not to create it automatically. or to ignore it. or to create a file even earlier in the alphabet. or whatever you can come up with

Would having a program that removes any named pipes that are created automatically work?

that sounds pretty disruptive. would probably be better to have the project owner fix it as appropriate.

in my case it was a supervise/control pipe from runsv :person_facepalming: and I deleted the whole supervise directory and package.json to get out of this. in retrospective I should have renamed package.json

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Couldn’t the program that tried to read it just refuse to read from named pipes?

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