Names of old projects

I noticed that lots of projects that are running on a version of node that is too old and doesn’t work anymore and have been abandoned. There are tons of these projects, and they are taking up tons of domains. I wanted to know if it was possible to rename the project to a generated name like you do with new projects if the project has not been visited for a while, such as 6-12 months.

This would free up used domains and open them for new people.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to penalize someone for their app not getting visited for awhile - also we don’t even track that, so it would have to be based on something we do know like recent edits. We also hadn’t historically deprecated Node versions, so that’s very new to Glitch and the community, which means to do this the right way we’d need to take some time in really making policies known before we were to remove a domain from someones project to make available for others.

I appreciate you raising this idea, though! It’s something we do need to think about, so I’m giving my opinion here not to dismiss yours but to make sure folks who read this do not think we’re going to take their project names away any time soon.

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I think a nice solution would be to like every 12 months Glitch would send out an email to people with projects that no longer work, e.g. deprecated node versions, unavailable websites, etc. If that person did not click a button in the email or reply to the email in 6 months then the projects would get renamed.

I have also seen a lot of projects with great domains that are just remixes of starters with no content at all. I understand those might be a little more difficult to track, but it would be nice to do the same thing for them.

Yep. I like that a lot.

Glitch usually tracks changes using Git as “checkpoints”, so if there are not many check points by the user after a remix, the email notification could be triggered