Near-constant "Hmm.. We're having trouble connecting"

I have been using glitch every night to work on a node/react app. I can usually get through a few updates on a file before I get the “Having trouble connecting”.

I’ve tried several things.

  1. Added watch.json
  2. Unchecked refresh app on changes.
  3. Remove -p from webpack watch command.

I’m wondering if my start command is using up too much memory?

“start”: “concurrently “webpack -w” “babel-node server.js””

Is there a way to see memory usage? Are there other known problems? I love glitch but will probably have to switch to c9 or something since it’s getting too hard to use :disappointed_relieved:

Edit: Just to clear things up - I have really good internet (google fiber), with really good computers. I never have connection issues other than glitch. I’m not running adblockers or really any other extensions.


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Hi @JustinDFuller,

this is unfortunate :frowning: can you share your project name with us so that we can investigate? Perhaps it’s not a memory issue but some kind of bug on our end :slight_smile:

EDIT: and can you also tell us a list of steps needed to reproduce the issue?

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Hey @etamponi. The project is “peerflix”. Once I start a project I basically just have to keep editing until it happens. The faster I make changes the more likely it is to occur quickly. If I make changes slowly then it takes longer to happen. Actually using the app itself doesn’t seem to cause the issue… just making changes.

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Hi @JustinDFuller,

unfortunately, I think that the issue is that there is no space left on the device :frowning: we only provide 128MB + compression, and it looks like the dependencies you specify in package.json take all of the space. Can you try to get rid of some of them, to see if the situation improves?

Thanks for reporting!

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