Need a little help here. (Namely, panel help.)

I want to port the pterodactyl panel to Heroku.
Doing some tests, glitch has the necessary packages to RUN the panel. If these packages can be ported to Heroku, I could easily run it.
Anyway, is there any way to port said packages to Heroku?
2nd. How do you install PHP modules from the command line?
Because PHP is missing a few modules.
3rd of all…
I know composer works, but does anyone have a good, reliable tutorial?

You would probably not even be able to run it as Glitch has only 512mb of ram

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I would have to agree with aboutDaivd on the first question, unless you use boosted apps, Glitch probably doesn’t have enough ram.

What do you mean by modules? Do you mean composer packages? If so, this is the syntax:

composer require vendor/package

Vendor being the account that made the package and package being the name of the package.

Your best bet is the composer website,

I didn’t say I was running it on glitch.
I’m porting it to Heroku.
None of these answers (apart from the composer one) are correct.
I CLEANLY asked if there was any way to port the packages.

You also phrased it to sound like you were running it on Glitch

Ok, so you do say you want it running on heroku, but you also say:

Which makes it sound like you want to run it on Glitch.

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Hmm. Ill change it up a little bit.

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