Need Help Again reposition buttons to where it should be And making the button a play button

It Just need help putting the button in a pacific spot. And to disappear when clicked

What is your Glitch project name so I can help with these buttons? Or if you don’t have a project, just send the code here.

Im trying to remake tetris an old game

This is my most common advice. Learn the basics first. You can use a Tetris game as a vehicle for learning but it isn’t necessary and might make it harder.

  1. your style tags are in the body of the page

Rather than I tell you ask yourself “are style tags supposed to be defined within the body tags?” This is one of the basics I’m talking about and it will lead to questions about why your buttons are not the right color or why the background image isn’t appearing.

  1. what specific spot would you like your button?

Practice placing them there (it has nothing to do with Tetris). Absolute or relative positioning? And again I recommend reading w3schools for introductory information.

HTML Layout Elements and Techniques

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