Need help displaying data on a page



I’m pretty new to web dev but I’ve been coding in c# for a few years.

I’ve created a console application that generates a csv, and I want to display the information from that csv in a nice way on a page.

I’ve been looking at various examples of projects that use d3 (like this but I can’t really figure out how to get them working with my own csv

ideally i’d like to use this stacked bar chart example

i did work out how to get my csv to output to google sheets, so if its easier to get something working along that route, then i can try that instead


Would love to help you out more but with this little information I’m only able to recommend you to take a look at d3-dsv.

d3-dsv is D3 module that can parse CSV files to make use of them with D3.

The documentation is pretty clear Try something out in a glitch app and ping me if you have any trouble or want more guidance.