Need help figureing out if my project is bugged or if it's `tsc` that has the bug

I’m trying to convert a project from JavaScript to TypeScript so it’s easier to extend in the future. The issue is that tsc (the compiler) is crashing mid-compile, I’m not sure if it’s a bug with my code or if it’s a issue with tsc itself. The Log is in the project here.

If anyone can help me out it would be great, because I have no clue why it would be crashing.

I found that OfflineMenu is not defined in your Loading.ts and, given that Loading.js is in the output folder but Loading.d.ts isn’t, I guess tsc probably crashed because of the bug. (Though honestly tsc should give an informative error message instead of crashing itself…)


Commonly, that occurs due to reference error (variable not defined).

Thank you so much @Bubbler, my linter in atom did not pick that up so I was bashing my head against a wall for over a hour trying to figure out why it was not working… You are correct that a error message (or even just a verbose output might have helped tell me what file I needed to look at.

And now I’m thankful I didn’t submit a bug report…