Need help setting up my Discord bot perms

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Project name : dotgamer

How can i setup my permitions so i can do commands like kick / ban?

  1. Open the Discord Developer Portal.
  2. Click on your application.
  3. Select the OAuth2 section on the left side of your screen.
  4. Scroll down, click on ‘bot’.
  5. Select Administrator and the copy the link provided.
  6. Add the bot to your Discord server and you’re all set! The bot now has permissions to kick and ban.

If you’d like to do this an easier way, create a role on your server with administrator permissions and give it to your bot.
If you want to know how to kick or ban a member, check out the Discord.js Docs.


Im sorry i wasn’t quite explicit.
The bot has the capability the kick but it says i don’t have enough permission.
Also project name is now : clienthub

Can you send a screenshot of your error or paste it?

Hey @DotGamer,
I am sure it has something to do with permissions of the bot user.
Here’s what you can do to eradicate the issue:

  • Firstly, kick the bot-user by from the server.
  • Secondly, invite it again with sufficient permissions (as @EdwardRBLX mentioned, provide the bot user with the administrator permissions)
  • Once you are done, check for any if-else statement that is blocking the execution of the code.
  • Restart the bot user!

Thanks and have a nice day

Following Up @chroventer ,
Check that you are not trying to kick user having the higher role than the bot.

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Thanks @Ashutosh-3601 for mentioning that!
Click here for guide about Discord hierarchy and how it works!