Need help with a minecraft server (TESTING)

Okay so i made a minecraft server on glitch and it runs super well it uses like 121 memory and i want to know how do i connect to it? i have express which listens to process.env.PORT.

anyway i can like get an ip or anything?

You can use the domain glitch gives you I think like:

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As far as I know, Glitch doesn’t allow raw TCP packets. Only well-formed HTTP packets. You should try ngrok and listen on 25565. It will give you an adress and port to connect to.


so same way i uploaded my server i have to upload ngrok and listen to 25565?

my upload is pretty decent and my friend was complaining that my ngrok server was pretty laggy so I wouldn’t use ngrok if you have better options

ngrok has very limited bandwith in the free version. But when it is the only choice, you must use it.


I advise you to use Flying Squid and listen on port 3000. To connect to your server, you’ll want to type in

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You can not use glitch for anything other than HTTP responses. Glitch only has one port open and that is by default 3000 but can be changed via process.env.PORT.
With the experience I’ve had with ngrok, Minecraft doesn’t like to connect to it but then maybe I got something wrong.

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I have used ngrok for minecraft in the past, it does get the job done.

  • You can’t change this PORT environment variable
  • Inside of Minecraft you use,[443/80] and make sure that you are using port 3000 inside of the (I have actually done a Minecraft server on Glitch! So if you want the starter let me know!)
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How? I want to set up a Minecraft server.

use ngrok, sign in and follow the steps, then use the tcp command to get started